I don't think I'll ever forget that cold January morning, when we made the decision we had been praying about for a number of months. To go or not to go to the Congo again? We had received an official call to return for a 2 year seasonal commitment, and had asked for the month of January to pray and consider.

It was nearing the end of January and no startling revelation had come to either of us, though our prayers, discussions and the counsel of those we sought out seemed to indicate God might be leading us in that direction.

That morning, we decided it was time to decide. After one more brief discussion and season of prayer, we looked at each other and said, "Yes, we'll go".

Sometimes questions, even large ones, have to be settled with a simple moment of decision.

But that wasn't all. That was a Saturday morning and a few hours later I found myself sitting on a church pew, looking up at the face of the visiting minister- so alive, and still full of youthful enthusiasm after years of service.

"Where is the young couple that just returned from the Congo?" He asked suddenly, before beginning his sermon. In surprise, we raised our hands. Come to find out, he had spent years of his life in that very field of service. His words of encouragement to us made a deeper impression on my heart than I think he'll ever realize.

In this seemingly coincidental circumstance, God was confirming to this little soul that we had made the right decision. It had His stamp of approval.

That's just like God.

So here we are, on our way to the Congo with the full and happy season of gardening behind us for another year. Keep us in your prayers as we spend the next five months doing dental/medical work and teaching Bible classes. We will keep you updated!
8/21/2013 05:59:21 pm

I'm excited to see how the Lord is leading you in serving Him! The story of your decision is so inspiring. May God bless you!

Hannah R.
8/23/2013 03:23:35 am

Praying for you two. So glad you can serve together! :)

1/2/2023 12:37:44 pm

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