He walked back into my life through a simple text message. He asked if I'd be willing to talk, to clarify the confusions of the past year. Not to jumpstart a relationship, but to clear the air and allow us to relate without being awkward in the future.  That was the beginning of a new and unexpected chapter.

How little did I know where I would be one blessed year later! Married to him. Living on this farm. Surrounded by love and family and plants and blue sky and hard work and bottle babies. 

Five months of married life and counting... How thankful I am!

Our menagerie of babies.
2/21/2013 05:39:31 pm

Aww! I love the picture of you and all those sweet baby animals! :)

Your one and only Sierra
2/24/2013 05:18:31 am

Cutest family ever. :)

3/19/2021 04:12:33 am

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10/18/2022 07:56:54 am

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