The first 4 weeks of married life have far exceeded my expectations (which were high in the first place). Life with Luke is more of a delight than I bargained for. As are all of God's perfect ways. :)

This is still just the morning of a new day. A new chapter of life lies before us.

I've already come to realize that it is going to be full of fun, adventure and unexpected experiences. Like firing our handy camp stoves and spreading the ingredients for our hot burrito dinner on the curb and parking lot of Walmart on a recent road trip. It was a great
way to eat, but I admit I wouldn't have thought of it myself. What could be more charming than eating a wonderful dinner with one's new husband like a couple of upper crust hobos? Way more fun than restaurant dining (and I mean what I'm saying here... those of you
who really know me could vouch for that!).

Now we're on to a new adventure. Africa. As I write this, we're at Newstart Children’s Home in Harare, Zimbabwe, and loving it. The children and young people are absolutely precious. I don’t think I can get enough of them. Luke has been here before and they all love him. It is a delight to watch. :) Spending time with Uncle Helton has been wonderful too. It is a privilege to be here and serve, even in small ways.

Poor internet keeps me from uploading pictures. Hopefully our next location (Riverside Farms in Zambia) will be more amenable to such activities.

Thanks for your prayers!

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