Our little friends at Newstart Children's Home
Hello friends. This is Luke. Have brief internet access while doing some shopping in Nairobi. Since our last (belated) post, we have spent time in Zambia and are now in Kenya. We will post more pictures in the coming days. 

Shingoma Mountain near Riverside
A day in the villages with new friends
11/2/2012 05:24:18 pm

note: forgot to hit the publish button yesterday, so have borrowed a friends wireless internet card this morning before we walk to church. Happy Sabbath!

Lois Matthews
11/2/2012 10:15:12 pm

So good to hear from you and see pictures! looks like you are having a wonderful time to together. Will be looking forward to more stories and pictures!! Love you Both Aunt Lois

lee N.
3/26/2014 06:30:14 am

Hey.l am from Zimbabwe but currently live in Canada.Nice you passed by my homeland.l am blessed n humbled by yr adventures..Happy for the two of you


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