We're home. It's wonderful to be here.

Life is so sweet on this farm. 

We spent an evening taking inventory of our seed supply. Ordering seeds is a big job, I've discovered. The highlight of January. :) The little sisters were very helpful and added their seed order to ours. We can hardly wait to start growing!
The farm at dusk. Our new home on the hill in the background.
Martha Washington is the bottle-fed baby this year. Pretty as she can be.
Steady progress on our little home. How I love the big sky!
1/14/2013 03:10:49 am

oooooohhh!!! sweet. :) miss you all!

1/15/2013 03:53:34 pm

I love the photo of seed sorting with the little sisters!

John Carle
1/17/2013 01:46:53 am

I so enjoyed seeing you again sweet Chantée and meeting your Beloved! We have a gift for you and need your address.

Email me sometime. Our Love and Lord's blessings!!! :D


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