I have heard that phrase often since coming to French Africa. Sometimes I'm being asked for money. Other times for food. Or attention. But today's request was unique.

I was in a fabric shop purchasing some cloth. The clerk approached me and appealed in good english:

"Please Madam, please. Give me your sister to marry. I want to marry her!"

I had not expected to receive Natasha's first proposal of marriage, but strange things happen at times.

He was very polite about it (apparently he remembered that I was married from my last visit to the shop with Luke and proposed to an unknown person instead). In spite of that I graciously declined on behalf of my sister.

Sorry for not checking with you first, Tashy. ;)
12/22/2012 02:52:52 pm

lol :)

Brittney Boeser
12/23/2012 09:57:54 am

That is funny! Vanessa and I had a good laugh! :) Somehow I don't think Natasha will mind that you refused him for her...

8/6/2014 08:01:12 am

Gave me a laugh! =)

Saul Twabe
3/3/2016 01:03:03 am

Hahahaaaa.... very funny in deed but I could have refused as well

4/30/2023 02:00:11 pm

Thankk you for sharing


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