PictureWe love our mommy, from near and far.
The wind slammed into our house as the rotating cloud howled overhead. The sky was bright with lightening as it dumped 4 1/2 inches of much needed rain.

I don't know exactly what it is about our cozy little house, but it amplifies sounds in an incredible way. Maybe it's the metal roof, or the fact that it is built on a hilltop. Whatever the case, storms of less magnitude sound loud in the middle of the night. This 11:30 awakening was particularly startling for me. By the time we were able to load the radar on Luke's phone, the funnel cloud had already passed over us. We scrambled to mop up the water that was blowing in through the balcony door while praying that our high tunnel was safe and checking on our guests downstairs (ask us sometime about the reactions of our various guests ;).

The rain was still coming down in sheets and Luke was discussing the storm with some of the others when I crawled over to the air mattress where my precious Momma was calmly sitting. 

What a comfort it was- just to be near her. I used to crawl into her bed during night time storms as a child. If I was snuggled down between her and Daddy, the loudest storm couldn't disturb my little heart. 

Later there were storms of another nature that she helped me to weather... so many of them over the years. 

My racing heart slowed back down with her arm around me. 

Maybe someday I'll be the momma that calms little ones with her very presence, but for now, I'm just thankful when I get to sit by mine and feel her hand clasp. I'm thankful that even when she's far away I can feel her heart clasp. I love you, Mommy!

5/23/2013 10:05:37 pm

So sweet and so true... I was sick the other day and my husband is away so I rang my Mummy. She is too far away but I knew if she were close, she'd have been here in a flash. I felt better just talking to her. There is something so special that God puts in Mummy's that calms the heart and cheers the soul, even if it is from a distance :)

6/15/2013 06:10:39 am

This brought tears to my eyes. How precious are the dear, tender moments spent with our moms!


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