“There’s so much to be thankful for.”

I wrote the line from the song in my journal last year. It was true then. Even more true now.

I never would have guessed last Thanksgiving as I breathed in the clear high country air and tried to write brave words in my journal where I would be today. Here I am in a steamy jungle, with my husband of two months. 

Thanksgiving morning started long before dawn as I studied Revelation by head lamp in preparation for the morning’s class. When I was informed a week and a half ago that I would be teaching a “Last Day Events” class for the evangelism school, I wished for a moment that the earth would open and drop me off in Oklahoma (where last minute requests are not quite so daunting). Luke was asked to teach a week long class as well, and in Luke fashion took it in stride and did a great job. I spent a week reviewing final events (and wishing I could talk to Uncle Merwin :), then commenced teaching. 

Oh what a blessing it has been! Preparing for a class without a thorough Bible concordance has been a special challenge. Many are the moments Luke and I have spent
hunting for verses with cross references. Finding the verse at the end of the treasure hunt
is a special joy. :) 

Pouring over the Bible for hours each day and teaching receptive Congolese evangelism
students has made this week unforgettable. It’s hard to capture the experience with words… Looking into the faces of the students as we read Matthew 24 together. “Ye shall
hear of wars and rumors of wars”. They nodded their heads in quiet assent as I said, “All of
you have already experienced war…” Their faces revealed concern as they talked during the
break of the latest developments in the east. What does tomorrow hold? It has provided a
compelling backdrop for the teachings.

After talking about the seven last plagues, the three frog-like spirits, the new earth and
other such topics this morning, I joined the kitchen crew at the Mosiers in preparing dinner.
We’ve had a lovely day together! It may be different than any thanksgiving I’ve ever had
before, but it has been wonderful and I’ll never forget it.

P.S. A quick Thankgiving list:
My faithful heavenly Father 
Luke, my wonderful husband and best friend :)
A delightfully happy marriage
The blessing of being in the Congo
Safety (while being in the Congo ;)
A good meeting with the ministry of health today (looks like we’ll have freedom to do dental care in the vicinity)
And so much more.
Thanksgiving Dinner
Dried apple pie (compliments of Luke's backpacking heritage :).
Preparing final exams for Last Day Events class while watching a football game.
The football game
11/24/2012 09:18:38 am

I love all the pictures and updates, Chanteé and Luke! Looks like a delightful adventure! We love you guys!

11/24/2012 11:37:27 am

Dear Chantee, I've been wondering how you've been doing in your new life together with your husband. Somehow my daughter found out where you were blogging. I'm so happy to see how God has blessed you, and is leading you to exciting places. I hope I get to meet Luke someday. Maybe at GYC?


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